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Lee County Florida Free Appliance Recycling 239 244 3066 Free Appliances Pick Up Removal appliance pick up Free Appliance Pick Up Fort Myers Cape Coral Lehigh Acres appliance removal


Free Appliance Removal Recycling Appliances Picked Up FREE

Fastest Free Appliance Pick Up & Removal Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, & ALL Lee County.


Free Appliance Haul Away in Lee County Florida.  CALL 239-244-3066 if getting rid of old appliances like a Refrigerator, Stove, Freezer,Washer, or Dryer. Let us make this task way easier! We pick up old appliances in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, or anywhere else in Lee County!  Old Appliances Picked Up Free!

Whether you moved into a new house and brought your appliances with you, or one is broken and you are tired of walking around it in the garage, our Free Appliance Removal service can help you by taking them away immediately! If updating your kitchen cabinets and flooring, most likely, the lady of the house will want to complete the job and order new appliances as well. There's no sense in walking around the old appliances for a week or two, if you can make 1 easy call and have the old appliances pick up FREE!

Bulk Appliance Pick Up in
Lee County / Southwest Florida

Manage an apartment complex and updating out-of-date kitchens? Our services can save you time and money! Simply give us a call and schedule our professional crew to pull the appliances from the units, instead of paying your maintenance guys to do this task!

Our pick up crews have moved THOUSANDS of appliances over the years. We will take from 1 piece, a shop full, to a whole apartment complex with several hundred units!

We understand that most remodeling jobs will take several months, up to over a year. In most cases the head maintenance tech will call us directly to schedule pick up of the unwanted appliances. In most cases, we will be able to remove them from the property on the same day!

Providing our services to you FREE OF CHARGE in ALL Lee County Florida cities, we save you time, money and potential injury to your employees with just 1 call! 

  Who Picks Up Appliances for FREE? 

 Need Old Appliances Picked Up
before your new ones are delivered? 


Free Appliance Pick Up Fort Myer, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, All of Lee county.

Our Free Appliance Removal services are of no cost to residents, or businesses!
We take away unwanted Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, chest and Upright Freezers, as well as electric Stoves and gas Ranges 


Appliances Picked Up Free 

Fast Free Appliance Removal picks up and recycles major household appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and freezers 

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Free Appliance Pick Up Lee County Florida​
WE haul away unwanted appliances from these Lee County Fl cities and zip codes    


33901Fort MyersLee County

33902Fort MyersLee County

33903North Fort MyersLee County

33903Fort MyersLee County

33904Cape CoralLee County

33905TiceLee County

33905Fort MyersLee County

33906Fort MyersLee County

33907Fort MyersLee County

33908Fort MyersLee County

33909Cape CoralLee County

33910Cape Coral SouthLee County

33910Cape CoralLee County

33911Fort MyersLee County

33912Fort MyersLee County

33913Miromar LakesLee County

33913Fort MyersLee County

33914Cape CoralLee County

33915Cape CoralLee County

33916Fort MyersLee County

33917North Fort MyersLee County

33917Fort MyersLee County

33918North Fort MyersLee County

33918Fort MyersLee County

33919Fort MyersLee County

33920AlvaLee County

33921Boca GrandeLee County

33922BokeeliaLee County

33924CaptivaLee County

33928EsteroLee County

33931Fort Myers BeachLee County

33932Fort Myers BeachLee County

33936Lehigh AcresLee County

33945PinelandLee County

33956St. James CityLee County

33957SanibelLee County

33970Lehigh AcresLee County

33971Lehigh AcresLee County

33972Lehigh AcresLee County

33990Cape Coral CentralLee County

33990Cape CoralLee County

33991Cape CoralLee County

33993MatlachaLee County

33993Cape CoralLee County

33994Fort MyersLee County

34133Bonita SpringsLee County

34134Barefoot BeachLee County

34134Bonita SpringsLee County

34135Bonita SpringsLee County

34136Bonita SpringsLee County refrigerator home appliance store

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